Why Some Women Choose to Have Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Getting breast implant surgery is a giant decision for any woman. Getting them removed, however, is just as difficult. Some patients find implant removal surgery necessary, but others may simply have second thoughts about the transformation. The reasons for removing your breast implants are numerous, but here are a few of the most common.

Health Reasons

Most women who choose to remove their implants do so for health reasons. Breast cancer, for example, requires that implants be removed throughout treatment. Other times, removal is necessary because of infection or a rupture. Some women may even experience breast implant illness – a mysterious condition with many serious symptoms like fatigue or joint pain. No matter the problem, however, removal of the implants will nearly always be necessary to facilitate successful treatment. The good news, however, is that it’s still possible to get implants again after the treatment is successful.


Sometimes, the appearance of one or both breasts may change sometime after the surgery. Most of the time this is because of physical trauma or exercising too soon after the operation. In rare cases, the placement of the implant may shift due to the pocket made by the cosmetic surgeon being unable to appropriately accommodate the size of the implant. In some cases, the fibrous scar tissue around the implant may harden and tighten causing pain and a distorted look– no matter the reason, the only solution will be to remove the implants.

Implant Age

The vast majority of woman who undergo breast implant surgery will never have to remove their implants outside of health or personal reasons. However, implants have an average shelf life of around 20 years, though they rarely need to be removed because of this. Rather, other problems become a lot more likely as the implants continue to age– ruptures, for example, start to become a lot more likely to occur over time. This is also why it becomes a lot more important to have regular MRI screenings in case of possible problems.

Second Thoughts

Most women who decide to get breast implants end up extremely happy with the results. However, sometimes these results aren’t quite up to standard. Other times, although the result may be great, patients may outgrow the desired augmentation. No matter what leads a patient to change their mind, all reasons are valid reasons to seek breast implant removal surgery. A lot of women will usually opt for a breast lift afterward, however, to reshape the natural tissue that leaves their breasts firm and perky

Getting Your Breast Implants Removed

If you’re looking to have your breast implants removed, schedule a consultation with Daniel Richardson Plastic Surgery in Gulfport, MS today. Getting rid of your breast implants may be a difficult decision to make, but that doesn’t mean the procedure should be too– Dr. Richardson is eager to help make your dreams into reality.


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