Eyelid Surgery

Whether it’s hoods over the eyes or bags underneath them, eyes can sag and become heavy over time, creating a tired, worn-out appearance. This can be caused by excess skin that loses elasticity, or fat deposits that can’t be removed by diet or exercise. Puffiness can even impair vision, in extreme cases. Restoring wide, contoured eyes through eyelid surgery can be a great way to bring youthful balance back to the face.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

This procedure, also called a Blepharoplasty, uses carefully-chosen incisions to remove fat deposits and excess skin around the eye. The type of incision and its location will be determined based on the nature of the eye and the severity of its folds or bags. Eyelid surgery can also be used to correct fine wrinkles underneath the eyes that can be difficult to treat through other procedures.

Who should consider Eyelid Surgery?

Candidates for eyelid surgery should be healthy individuals who feel they appear tired or aged due to their sagging eye area. Some serious eye conditions might be disqualifiers for this procedure. During a consultation, your Biloxi surgeon can determine whether a forehead lift might also be beneficial since extremely-hooded eyes can also be caused by heavy forehead skin.

What is the procedure like?

This procedure requires anesthesia, and once it is administered, incisions are made as discussed during your consultation. Upper eyelid incisions are made so that they can be easily concealed within the new fold that will be created. The underlying fat deposits can be removed or repositioned, depending on the desired result, and excess skin can be removed if needed. The muscles may be tightened as well, to help prevent further sagging.

Lower eyelid incisions can be made just below the lower lash line, or inside the eyelid in order to prevent any visible scar. This method may be used if there is no need to remove excess skin. As with the upper eyelid, fat deposits might be removed or repositioned.

Results and Recovery

Some swelling or bruising can be expected after this procedure but can take a few months before the area is completely healed. During this time, the area should not be irritated or moved excessively to ensure it heals quickly and correctly. While the results are mostly permanent, they can’t prevent further aging and proper skin care steps should be taken to ensure the most success out of your procedure.

If you are considering an eyelid surgery procedure and would like to schedule a consultation, contact our office for more information.