ProFractional Laser

It might seem like there are lots of laser treatments available and it’s impossible to find the best results for you. That’s okay— everyone’s skin is different and requires a personalized treatment plan with an understanding and compassionate touch. If you’re looking for a unique laser treatment, ProFractional Laser treatments offer a different, effective method for skin resurfacing and restoration.

What is ProFractional?

This treatment uses an ablative laser (meaning it destroys skin cells) to create narrow channels in the skin over the treatment area, with the depth dependent on the skin being treated. Once the channels are created, the skin and body’s wound-healing and collagen production process is kickstarted. This leaves the skin with newly grown cells and increased thickness. This treatment can yield best results when used in conjunction with a MicroLaserPeel, SkinTyte, or Forever Young BBL treatment.

Who is a candidate for ProFractional?

ProFractional can provide treatment for many different skin conditions and problem areas all over the body, including wrinkles and fine lines, scarring, acne, and sun damage. Anyone who struggles with these areas can benefit from ProFractional, as it can be tailored to any skin type.

What happens during treatment?

Usually, an anesthetic is administered to the treated area, with the strength depending on the surface area being treated, as well as the depth of the channels being created. Because the laser is ablative, it causes a pain response, and your utmost comfort and confidence is a priority. The skin area is then treated with the laser, with a full-face treatment taking up to one hour. After treatment, the site may be bandaged or treated with a medicated skincare product.

Results and Recovery

Like any other ablative laser treatment, you’ll need to care for the treated skin after your procedure, including washing regularly and applying products to help aid healing and moisture retention. There may be some itching and swelling for a few days after the procedure, and the skin will become dry and peel like sunburn within a week after. Total healing can take up to two or three days, depending on the extensiveness of the treatment— deep treatment can even require some downtime. It’s very important that you avoid any direct sunlight afterward and regularly use a broad-spectrum sunscreen so that your results are evenly-toned and pigmented. After your healing process is completed, the skin will be regrown, new, tighter, and thicker than before.

If you are considering a ProFractional treatment and would like to ask questions, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richardson.