Forever Young BBL (IPL)

The skin can be subject to many different blemishes and conditions as we age, and it might seem like skin creams and outdated laser treatments don’t work. If you are unable or unwilling to undergo a surgical facelift or harsh chemical peel, a Forever Young BBL treatment might be for you.

What is Forever Young BBL?

This new IPL treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) uses infrared BroadBand Light technology to target mature skin cells and jumpstart them into regenerating new, healthy skin. Signs of aging often also occur deep within the skin, meaning the cause can’t be fully treated with superficial procedures. Unlike other laser light therapies, Forever Young BBL is safe to be used on any area of the body and can even be used as an unwanted hair or acne treatment.

Who is a candidate for Forever Young BBL?

Virtually anyone can benefit from a Forever Young BBL treatment, as it can be customized for any skin type. Patients who would otherwise be unable to receive a chemical peel treatment due to skin tone can find great results with this procedure.

What happens during a Forever Young BBL treatment?

While being treated with Forever Young BBL, the skin is revitalized on both the surface level and deeper down at the molecular level. Surface spots like sun damage, age spots, fine wrinkles, rosacea, and acne can be treated, as well as deeper, more difficult problems like loose skin and tone. As the old, tired skin cells are stimulated, they begin to perform like youthful ones again, meaning years of aging are rewound.

Results and Recovery

The best results from a Forever Young BBL series of treatments are apparent over time. A routine of Forever Young BBL treatments and a good skin care regiment will ensure that the results remain long term. After the procedure, the skin might appear red and irritated but will fade within a few hours. Especially pigmented areas that are treated, like freckles or sun spots, will appear darker afterward. This, however, means that the treatment is working, and the dark spots will fade and then flake off within a couple weeks. As this is a nonsurgical procedure, no downtime is required.

If you are considering your options for laser skin treatment, contact our office to discuss a Forever Young BBL treatment with Dr. Richardson.