Brazilian Butt Lift

Many factors can contribute to not having the buttock projection you prefer. Genetics, aging, or weight loss can be the most common culprits of a flat, unspectacular profile. There are, however, a few ways to achieve curvy, well-contoured buttocks that fill out your jeans.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

This procedure is a type of buttock augmentation that uses fat transfer from other fatty areas of the body. Different than using implants, this procedure is a more natural, effective way that can also be beneficial to other areas of the body from which the fat is taken. This is usually done using Liposuction techniques on the back, hips, or abdominal areas in order to have sufficient fat to augment the buttocks with. The amount of fat that is absorbed into the body after transfer will vary.

Who is a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Anyone who is unhappy with the projection and profile of their lower body can consider a Brazilian butt lift, as long as they have sufficient fat that can be taken from elsewhere on the body. This procedure can correct the size, shape, and symmetry of the buttocks in individuals who are healthy and able to undergo invasive surgery.

What happens during a Brazilian Butt Lift?

After determining which areas of the body will originate the fat transfer, liposuction is performed. Sometimes, up to three times the amount of fat needed in the buttock area may be suctioned, since some of the fat will be absorbed by the body and create volume loss over time. After removal, the fat is optimized for injection, meaning extra blood and tissue that is also present in the fat is removed. The fat is then injected into the buttocks over the areas in which it is most needed.

Recovery and Results

Because a fat transfer surgery is invasive, there will be some downtime required while the incisions heal. A supportive compression garment may be given in order to aid in healing, and you will need to avoid prolonged sitting for two weeks or more, as this can harm the new fat present in the buttocks. Be sure to follow any instructions given by your surgeon, including the management of any drains placed to collect excess fluid buildup. Any pain can be managed with prescribed medication.

The best results of the fat transfer will be obvious up to a year after the surgery, as the new fat settles into the buttock area. Most patients retain over half of the fat that is transferred, but some fat will be absorbed. As with any other area of the body that holds fat, the buttocks will grow or shrink with any weight gain or loss, so it’s important to maintain a healthy, steady lifestyle for best results.

If you have questions or are considering a Brazilian butt lift, contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.