Thigh Lift

Everyone’s body is different— sometimes it stores fat in the stomach, sometimes in the hips, and sometimes in the thighs. In that case, it can be detrimental to the overall profile of the butt, thigh, hip, and calf. It’s not easy to get rid of, either. Excess fat that has been carried in the thighs for years can be stubborn and it might seem like there are no other options. Fortunately, a thigh lift can treat many of the symptoms of poor self-image when it comes to thighs.

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift involves a handful of techniques to restore the contour of the thigh, including excess fat and skin removal. A couple of incision options are possible:

  • An Inner Thigh Incision exists in the crease of the hip and groin and wraps around the leg to the back of the thigh. It may also include an incision down the inseam if a large amount of excess skin needs to be removed.
  • An Outer Thigh Incision begins at the groin and wraps around the hip and across the back.

Each of these incisions is optimized to be hidden by swimwear and clothing. Dr. Richardson will determine which type of incision is best for you.

Who should consider a Thigh Lift?

Many otherwise-healthy people carry excess fat and skin around their thighs and can benefit from a thigh lift. It’s important that candidates are at a stable, healthy weight and are committed to a lifestyle change that will prevent them from reversing the positive effects of a thigh lift. Candidates should also be healthy and not have any conditions that might prevent them from healing properly from a surgical procedure.

What happens during a Thigh Lift?

During a thigh lift, excess fat is removed through liposuction and the remaining skin is tightened, then excised if there is extra present. Anesthesia is required, as the procedure is surgical and invasive. Additional procedures might be performed, including recontouring of the buttocks, hips, and abdominal area. How extensive the procedure is will depend on the individual.

Results and Recovery

After your thigh lift procedure, bandages and dressings will be placed on the incisions, as well as drains to help collect any fluid that might build up. You might also be given compression garments to prevent swelling and aid blood flow in the area. The scope of your downtime and recovery will depend on the extent of the procedure, but your results may not be fully visible or apparent for a few months afterward. Be sure to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in order to get the most out of your thigh lift results.

If you think you might benefit from a thigh lift and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richardson, contact our office today!