What is Back Lift Surgery?

A healthy weight and regular exercise are important for your long-term health. The top two reasons, heart health and social acceptance, are why so many people are obsessed with weight loss. However, weight loss can only rid your body of the excess fat that has built up–baggy, saggy skin may be left behind as a result. Sagging skin on the back may give the appearance of excess back fat, and cause discomfort to the individual.

The Answer: a Back Lift

It’s a surprise to numerous people when saggy skin happens on the back of the body. You may be anticipating excess skin around the torso or legs, but since back skin is not immediately visible, many people forget it may be a concern. Back skin, and really all excess skin, results because the skin’s natural elasticity has been destroyed. What’s left are “rolls” or “bra overhang.” However, Daniel Richardson Plastic Surgery can perform a back lift that will eliminate bra overhang.

How Does A Back Lift Work?

Back lifts are an outpatient procedure, and the patient is put under general anesthesia. Lying on their stomach, an incision is made around the bra closure area on the back. From this location, the fat is removed from the upper back, the sides of the upper abdomen, and under the arms. Liposuction is often performed in combination with a backlift.

Note: Men have this procedure done, too, although they don’t have bras to worry about. They do, however, have rolls to remove, so this procedure is just as popular with men as with women. The bra line only refers to the area of the body in which the incision is made.

The incision and the scar are placed so that the bra will hide them. Layers of the incision are stitched closed after tubes are introduced inside the incision to drain blood and fluids. Bandages are applied, and the patient can go home.

Hazards Of A Back Lift

Back lifts are safe procedures, but hazards happen sometimes. Look out for:

• Bleeding and build-up of fluids beneath tissues

• Infection

• Adverse response to anesthesia

• Blood clotting

• Incision coming apart

Numbness in the upper or lower back is normal and will go away after a time. Following the instructions provided after your surgery will help to avoid these hazards. Additionally, be honest about your medical well-being and lifestyle in your initial consultation to ensure a safe surgery and recovery.

After The Procedure

Daniel Richardson Plastic Surgery of Gulfport MS wants patients to understand that this is surgery, after all, so there will be swelling and pain. You will receive medications to ease discomfort along with careful instructions to follow. You’ll be instructed on how to safely handle the drainage at home and should note any alarming symptoms.

You’ll be advised to take off work for a week or two– the drains will come out within that time. You may not lift anything remotely heavy nor exercise for four to six weeks following the surgery since this could cause the incision to come apart.

If the patient maintains a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle, there’s no reason a backlift procedure shouldn’t last for many years. Please note that skin loses elasticity as it ages, so some sagging will happen over time. This is a natural condition of aging, so don’t panic.

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