The Top Beauty Trends for 2021

2021 is the perfect time to enhance your appearance as you look and feel your best in the new year. Knowing the top beauty trends can allow you to learn about how to enhance your natural features and feel more confident in your skin. There are a few top beauty trends for 2021 to discover because of how effective they can be and how much fun they are to try out.

Green Skincare

Plant-based skincare is increasing in popularity because of its natural ingredients, which can be gentle and safer on the skin. It also prevents harmful toxins and chemicals from entering the bloodstream each time you apply the product onto your skin. Look for skincare products that include witch hazel flowers and ginger to reduce inflammation and even out your skin tone.

Natural Hair

More people are embracing their natural hair and showing off their curls and waves. Natural hair looks more care-free and fun and can also shave off a few extra minutes in the morning when you get ready. Consider taking a break from your flat iron and blow dryer a few days a week, which will allow your hair to become healthier by limiting its heat exposure. Your locks will likely become stronger and grow longer the more you style them naturally.

You can also experiment with wearing braids and try different styles for fun looks that keep the hair out of your face, whether it’s frizzy or kinky. Consider taking the braids out to show off the beautiful crimped waves the next day.

Expressive Eyes

2021 is about drawing more attention to your eyes and showing them off with fun designs and artistic details. Have fun with your liquid eyeliner by trying new colors that pop and are less traditional. Textured shadows are also versatile and can allow you to experiment with different looks. They also pair well with false lashes when you want added drama.


More people are looking to keep their skin fresh and wrinkle-free in the new year, which means getting botox. Both men and women favor Botox because it works well as a preventative measure to prevent fine lines from forming when you make different expressions throughout the day. It can also make it easier to apply makeup when the complexion is more taut and smooth. Make an appointment with Dr. Richardson to determine where you can get the injections to maintain your natural and youthful appearance.

Natural Foundation

Foundation should look lighter and less heavy in 2021 to show off your freckles and natural skin tone. Choose something lightweight and effortless to apply with oil-controlling features.

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2021 is a great time to try new makeup trends and experiment with different looks to change up your appearance. By following a few of the latest looks, it can allow you to have some fun when getting ready in the morning and draw more attention to specific features.

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