Laser Vein Reduction

Unsightly “spider veins” often become more prominent and greater in number as the body ages. This can be due to many reasons like genetics, hormones, pregnancy, weight change, or most commonly, prolonged standing or sitting. The result is small veins that become inefficient at transmitting blood and shift towards the surface of the skin. Laser spider vein treatment can remove these obvious branching patterns from common areas like the face, legs, and ankles.

What is Laser Vein Reduction?

While sclerotherapy is a common treatment for spider veins, laser treatments accomplish the same results and are often easier and more comfortable for the patient. It uses a laser piece to destroy the vein through the skin, where it then dies and is absorbed into the body since it no longer functions to facilitate blood flow. Before the treatment, the surgeon may map the vein to determine where to target the laser. If the visible spider vein is the result of a larger nonfunctioning vein, that one may be targeted instead.

Who is a candidate for Laser Vein Reduction?

Anyone who is bothered by the appearance of their spider veins can benefit from a laser procedure since it is effective for all kinds of skin. Patients will need to be able to follow any aftercare steps given by Dr. Richardson.

What happens during the procedure?

You will be given protective eye shields during your treatment, after which the laser is applied to the treatment area. The laser light kills the vein so that blood no longer utilizes it, and the dead vein is then gradually absorbed by the body. The length of the procedure will depend on how much area is being treated.

Results and Recovery

You will notice immediate results, with a reduction in spider veins. Some, however, might require more than one treatment if they are large or deeper under the skin. There may be some reddening and bruising of the treated skin, but these subside within a few weeks to a month. There is very little recovery involved, and you can resume your normal schedule immediately. Be sure to follow any instructions given by Dr. Richardson and be aware of any signs of problems during your recovery period.

If you are looking for treatment from your spider veins and have questions, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richardson.