Procedures That Are Performed During a Mommy Makeover

Many moms are thrilled to bring their little bundle of joy into the world– it’s an incredible gift to birth a child. However, many new moms also find themselves disheartened by the changes that pregnancy and nursing bring to their bodies. Sometimes, with diet and exercise, moms can make the changes they want to their bodies, but other times, diet and exercise aren’t enough. When moms feel overwhelmed by body changes and want professional help, Daniel Richardson Plastic Surgery can help with a mommy makeover procedure.

What is included in a mommy makeover procedure?

Located in Gulfport, MS, we offer mommy makeover procedures to moms past the nursing phase. We specifically recommend mothers finish pregnancy and breastfeeding before their surgery so the physical changes that come with this process do not impact results. During an initial consultation, Dr. Richardson will review your body goals and discuss the different cosmetic procedures that can help achieve those goals.

A mommy makeover is customized to each patient with a few different procedures combined during one operation to target all areas. For example, one patient may desire a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, while another may want liposuction and a breast lift— each mommy makeover is crafted to cater to the unique concerns and goals of each patient.

What are the most common procedure choices for a mommy makeover?

Many patients are interested in altering their breasts after nursing for several months with their child or multiple children. Many individuals ask for breast augmentation to help their figure return to its pre-pregnancy form, but others are also interested in a breast lift where the breast is repositioned to a higher resting point after having sagged during nursing or pregnancy weight gain and weight loss.

Another common aspect of mommy makeover procedures is liposuction, tummy tucks, and other body contouring procedures. Liposuction helps remove stubborn fat that won’t go away typically on the hips, love handles, arms, thighs, and back areas. A tummy tuck is a more extensive surgery focused mainly on the abdomen to address separated abdominal muscles. Many women experience this separation, called diastasis recti when giving birth– it can be resolved independently, but for many women, it does not. During surgery, we can repair and tighten the separated abdominal muscles.

Body contouring can include a thigh lift or arm lift to help remove sagging skin after weight loss. These procedures may also remove minuscule fatty pockets for full-body results. These procedures are less common in mommy makeovers, though equally valuable for many patients. Rarest of all, however, is the labiaplasty— a surgical operation focused on repairing or reshaping the labia. Many women choose this after giving birth as a means of reconstructing the vulva. All of these potential procedures are discussed during your initial consultation as you and Dr. Richardson create your ideal treatment plan together.

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It’s a beautiful gift to bring a baby into this world; you deserve to feel good in your body. Ready to begin your mommy makeover journey? You can schedule a consultation with us by filling out this form. We will be here to walk you through every step of the journey.


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