How to Revamp Your Indoor Skin Care

The world is currently going through a crisis that has forced people to stay at home as they observe social distancing. Many people are now working from home, which translates to more time spent indoors.

With this, you can easily neglect your skin. Most individuals take care of their skin only when they have an event to attend and want to look good. While you are probably busy with work, family, or trying out new skills, you should also set aside some time to pamper your skin.

It is advisable to seek medical advice and have the right treatment protocols from qualified professionals like Dr. Daniel Richardson. Dr. Daniel is a certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice in this field since 1989. Below are some of the ways to take care of your skin from at home.


WHO has issued regulations on how people can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Among the measures put across is washing your hands with soap and running water. The frequent washing of your hands can cause dryness, and this could impact your face as well. Ensure that as soon as you wash your hands, you moisturize them while still damp. By staying at home, you are exposed to the artificial dry air from the air conditioners in the house. This air causes facial dryness, and it is advisable to use products that promote moisture or creams that seal the moisture on your skin.

Use Sunscreen

Studies show that UV light can penetrate through your windows and harm you when you’re indoors. This means that you are still at risk of premature aging, skin cancers, and other effects of the sun’s rays irrespective of your skin tone. Therefore, it is always essential to use sunscreen or products with SPF while at home.

Reduce Time Spent On Devices

Mobile phones emit blue light that is proven to have harmful effects on the skin. If your skin is exposed to this blue light, you are prone to having premature aging and dark spots. Also, the physical act of staring down on your hurts your skin around the neck. Prolonged bending will cause folding up of the skin around the neck, resulting in having wrinkles there.

Watch What You Eat

Your skin condition is significantly a result of what you eat. You are probably idle most of the time or dealing with stress as you try to adjust to the new settings amid COVID-19. This could trigger unhealthy eating, especially if you are a stress eater, which could significantly harm your skin. Be sure to watch what you eat in a day. Try to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables in your diet, and do not forget to hydrate. Give your skin time to rejuvenate.

While staying at home, take this period as a time set aside to help your skin renew itself. Avoid the use of makeup as this can clog the pores on your skin and cause other effects due to the chemicals they have. By following these tips, you can come out of quarantine with glowing and healthy skin.


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