How Does Skintyte Work on Loose Skin?

Loose or sagging skin can be a sign of the aging process, a side-effect of pregnancy, or one of the negative aftereffects of losing weight. Thankfully, surgery isn’t the only option, and there are procedures that we can use to tighten your skin, whatever the reason for the slackening might be. The most effective non-surgical treatments for loose skin involve the use of specific light spectrums. SkinTyte, one of our best skin rejuvenating procedures, firms the skin with pulses of infrared light beams. Here’s what to know about this option at our Gulfport office.

What Causes Loose Skin?

As we age, the proteins that support the structures of our skin and soft tissues are produced at a gradually decreasing level. Elastin and collagen are these structural proteins, and the less they are produced, the more signs of aging appear on the skin. Without the structural support of collagen, skin tissue begins to lose its supportive volume. The idea behind SkinTyte is to jumpstart the body into producing more collagen so sagging skin is lifted. Higher levels of collagen in the skin also give the skin a youthful glow.

How Does SkinTyte Work?

The device used in the SkinTyte treatment is a handheld device that emits infrared light beam pulses directly into the skin. Your technician will apply the handheld wand to areas of the body, face, and neck to be treated. As the infrared light is absorbed by the skin, it penetrates the deeper layers of skin. As the skin tissue is heated, the body jumpstarts its collagen production, because this is when the body’s immune system kicks in to repair the perceived damage to the skin. It will produce essential proteins, including collagen and elastin. As healing occurs over time, the skin looks and feels much smoother than it did before treatment.

The SkinTyte Procedure

During the procedure, you will feel the warmth of the energy on your skin, but most patients don’t find it painful. If you are concerned about feeling discomfort, your technician can apply a numbing gel to your skin before the procedure, but this usually isn’t necessary. Although you’ll notice improvements to your skin immediately after the procedure, you won’t get the full benefits until your skin has had a chance to heal. This normally takes about a month, but the wait is worth it. For full results, it may take anywhere from two to five treatments, spaced out about a month apart. Dr. Richardson can give you the best idea of how many treatments you’ll need during a consultation.

You shouldn’t wear any lotions, creams, or cosmetics on the day of your treatment, since these can compromise the effectiveness of the SkinTyte procedure. Your eyes will be protected during the procedure with eye protectors. Mild redness and some swelling might be present after treatment, but these are mild side-effects that subside very quickly.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to learn more about your SkinTyte options is by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Richardson and our expert team. To get started, we invite you to contact us by calling or filling out our online form.


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