Why Fall is the Best Season for Plastic Surgery

Finding the ideal time window for your surgery and recovery is one of the biggest obstacles for patients thinking about plastic surgery. It might be challenging to take a few weeks off work and social commitments if you have a busy calendar. Particularly with aesthetic procedures that deal with more visible areas like the face, many patients avoid the spotlight during recovery even after they’ve mostly healed. Fall is actually one of the best seasons for getting plastic surgery and there are a few reasons that it’s best to schedule your procedure at this time of the year. Here’s what to know about getting plastic surgery this fall and why you shouldn’t wait to schedule a consultation:

Sweater Weather

Warmer clothing, such as your favorite oversized sweaters and layers, are both a luxury and a necessity for colder weather. Your knitwear can keep you warm, but it can also help you conceal compression wear and swelling without drawing attention.

In most cases, you’ll have to wear a compression shirt or girdle for a week or two after plastic surgery to promote healing and reduce swelling. Since these compression garments are intended for medical use rather than fashion, many patients find them difficult to conceal under normal shirts or tops. A tightly-fitting girdle can also be challenging to wear in hot weather, so it can actually act as another layer during the colder months.

Your incisions will continue to heal for a few weeks even after you longer need your compression garment. Another advantage of wearing your favorite chunky sweater is that it shields your surgical site from view and from the sun, which can cause visible scarring if your incisions are exposed.

The Great Indoors

Every year, the change from exciting outside activities to peaceful nights spent inside occurs in the autumn. You’ll have to limit your activity level for some time after your surgery in order to let your body heal, so it won’t feel like you’re missing as much when you spend time recovering during the fall. Most plastic surgeons advise waiting three to four weeks before returning to regular activities, avoiding physical activity beyond walking or light motions for up to six weeks, and limiting movement during the first week or two of recovery.

Fall days are shorter and cooler, so it’s easier to avoid excessive exercise or exposing your incisions to sunlight. Lazier fall days provide a good excuse to stay home and recover; you can avoid over-activity and sunlight without making anybody wonder why you missed the golf course or the beach.

Ahead of the Holidays

The fall and early winter months can be busy for many families. Your friends and co-workers won’t likely notice that you’re taking more time off for your surgery and recovery while making plans for the winter holidays. If you schedule your surgery for early fall, you should be well healed by the time winter holidays come around, ready to show off your results at family get-togethers and holiday parties. However, waiting until late fall may help you schedule your surgery and recovery around the holidays, allowing you to spend the holidays at home without wasting too much vacation time.

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