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ZO Obagi

Now offering ZO Obagi products in the ZO Skinhealth line and the ZO Medical.

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If you’ve ever longed for naturally long and full lashes, Latisse is your answer. 

Latisse is the only FDA approved topical for the growth of eyelashes.  

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Treats lines of animation of the forehead, neck and face to reduce wrinkling.  

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Treat lines of animaiton of the forehead, neck and face to reduce wrinkling.

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Uses intense pulsed light for treatment of brown and red areas of skin

discoloration (often referred to as photo facial).

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Skin Tyte

Light based skin toning.  For more information click here

The Sciton MicroLaserPeel is a new ‘contour’ laser that is designed

to re-contour  the surface of the skin revealing younger, smoother, softer,

and more refined skin.  Also known as the “weekend peel”,

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ProFractional Laser
ProFactional laser treatment is designed to dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, and sun damaged skin. ProFractional Laser is a ‘comfortable’ laser treatment that requires little to no downtime but provides maximum results.  For more information click here

Laser Vein and Hair Removal 

Effective and comfortable treatment for broken capillaries in the face and lower extremity, spider veins, along with hair removal priced by area.


Sands the surface of the skin to improve fine lines and imperfections.

Micro Needling 

Creates micro perforations in the skin to invoke a healing response and collagen building .

Injection Sclerotherapy

Injection treatments for spider veins and varicosities of the lower extremities.


Uses focused ultrasound to provide facial and off facial skin toning and lifting with no down time.  For more information click here
Facial Fillers
Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler that provides long term wrinkle correction.  Hyaluronic acid is a non-animal based substance that exists 
naturally in the body.  For more information click here

Juvederm is an injectable gel produced by the creators of Botox and is designed to replace hyaluronic acid in the skin.  Juvederm is perfect for facial “parentheses” like those that form around the mouth as we age.  For more information click here
Radiesse is a long lasting dermal filler that’s FDA approved to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Radiesse is a calcium based product and is longer lasting the other leading fillers. For more information click here


Hyaluronic acid to aid with fine lines.  For more information click here


Finally and injectable that provides permanent correction for deep lines of the face.  For more information click here

Brow Lift
Brow lift surgery will give you a more ‘awake’ appearance and can create a dramatically more youthful appearance.  Also known as a forehead lift, many people elect this surgery when they begin to look “worried” or “angry” even when they’re neither.  For more information click here
Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid Surgery will surgically rejuvenate your eyes making you younger and more awake. Many people elect this surgery when they notice themselves looking ‘tired’ even when they’re rested. For more information click here
Ear Surgery
Ear Surgery or otoplasty is designed to ‘contour’ the ears making them appear smaller and closer to the head.  Many people elect ear surgery for themselves or their children when they feel their ears are protruding.  For more information click here
A facelift is designed to compensate for a loss of elasticity in the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and providing a more youthful appearance in general.  A facelift will improve the appearance of aging in each of the areas of the face.  For more information click here
Rhinoplasty/"Nose Job"
Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is designed to contour the nose and make it more proportional to the remaining facial features. Many people elect to have rhinoplasty surgery when they believe their nose to be too large or out of proportion.  For more information  women click here
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Arm Lift
Arm lift surgery is common for people who have experienced substantial weight loss and have been left with loose skin under the arms in the tricep area.  This area is a common female trouble spot.  For more information click here
Breast Implants
Breast implant surgery is also commonly known as the “boob job”.  Women often elect to have this surgery when they feel their natural breasts are too small or out of proportion to the rest of their body.  For more information click here
Breast Lift
Breast lift surgery is designed to restore former glory to breasts that have begun to sag.  This surgery is common in women who feel their breasts are of adequate size, but less than adequate ‘perkiness’.  Get more information on the mastopexy by clicking here
Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction surgery is designed specifically to provide cosmetic reconstruction after the removal of the breast due to cancer (mastectomy) or after an accident or injury has caused breast deformity.  For more information click here
Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction surgery is designed to reduce the size of the breast for both cosmetic and physical reasons.  This surgery is common for women who have back problems due to large breasts and for women who feel their breasts are too large and out of proportion for their body.  For more information click here

Using tumescent suction we are able to provide operative contouring throughout the body.  For more information click here

Fat Transfer

Using your unwanted fat, we are able to provide transfers for facial recontouring and in large volumes, buttock lifting (BrazilianButtock Lift).  
Tummy Tuck
Tummy tuck surgery is designed to eliminate loose or overhanging skin in the abdominal area that is common after extensive weight loss or childbirth.  Many women elect to have tummy tuck surgery when they notice that no matter how much they exercise or how much weight they lose, they still have a ‘loose’ tummy area. For more information click here
Thigh Lift
Thigh lift surgery is common for women, and some men, who have experienced a loss of elasticity and tone in the area of the inner and outer thigh.  Thigh lift surgery is designed to contour the lower buttock and thigh area and underlying tissues.  For more information click here

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Most procedures can be done safely in combination constituting "mommy makeover" procedures.  Your health may dictate options available.  



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